Mel Terrazas was born in 1992 in central New York where she lived until 2010. After high school she spent a year abroad in Austria and developed a love of travel. Upon her return from Europe she  began her studies at SUNY Purchase where she received her BFA in drawing and painting in 2015.

During her time at Purchase College, Mel experimented in painting, drawing, printmaking, and woodwork. Her paintings evolved and began to incorporate techniques from these newly learned skills. She also began working as a teaching assistant for a number of courses at the school. In addition to teaching, she worked as a gallery assistant for the Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery and as an art handler for the Neuberger Museum of Art.

After graduation, Mel took a year off to travel the world, visiting places like Thailand, Australia, England, Canada, and even revisited Europe. In the process, she gained invaluable experiences as well as new clients. She expanded her reaches, creating and selling pieces as she traveled.

Today, Mel lives in Austin, TX where she continues to expand her portfolio. Working primarily in oil, her pieces currently range from 72×72″ all the way down to 3×3″.  The abstract paintings are vibrant and colorful, exploring layers, shape, texture, patterns and depth within a 2 dimensional world. Each element of her work correlates to an experience. She takes care to develop imagery in which is representative of a specific feeling. She continues to experiment with printmaking and woodwork, implementing the variant techniques to further push the limits of painting. She strives to create atmospheres with seemingly endless space on each canvas.